The Walden Hotel - For me

If I never told you,

you'll probably never know that

this IS still The Walden Hotel~

Yes! It is not only a Family Friendly Hotel

But also a businessman and lovers friendly Hotel~

The owner is definitely a book lover!

You can see books everywhere:

on every floor, every room...

And the book in the rooms are placed

according to the themes it represents... 

You won't have to bring your own

bed time story books when staying here...

And remember the Wizard of Oz

Kids playground I mentioned in the last post? 

It turned out to be OLD-KIDS friendly as well...

Wayne and I spent almost 2 hours

Racing on PlayStation while his little girl

was enjoying a nice story telling event with her mom.

There's no other tall buildings around The Walden.

So I was able to take some nice night shots

with my GPLUS A2 Plus Smartphone.

I love this phone, by the way...

I'll tell you more next time... (Not Sponsored)

After a long day of work...

A nice bath was all I needed...

And if you are into artifacts,

You can spend quite a long time

admiring the beautiful antique collection

of the owner on every floor...

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The Walden Hotel



No. 123, Section 5, Zhongshan Road,

Yilan City, Yilan County, Taiwan

台灣宜蘭縣宜蘭市中山路五段 123 號

Telephone: +886-3-9699555

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