Aloft Taipei Beitou 台北北投雅樂軒

If you are following my YouTube Channel,

Then you already know that Aloft is my favorite Hotel in Taipei~

Of course, it's not because of the colors...

Lots of details and fun stuff in every single corner.

It's like the designers were building their own  Homio (Home+Studio).

Hard to imagine that we are in TAIPEI.

We usually don't get this wide green carpet view...

Unlike regular minibars in the room,

ALOFT has a cool concept called RE:FUEL.

It's a 24/7 convenience store + minibar + cafe space.

And if you ask me what I will get from there...?

The Nook Restaurant on the 2F 

offers great food with really large portions.

This is the largest vegetarian burger I've had so far...

And of course there are other non-vegetarian options.

Aloft Taipei Beitou

No. 1, Lane 300, Daye Road, Beitou District, Taipei, 11268, Taiwan  Phone: +886 (2) 7701-1788


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